Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Hi-Fi, dammit!

     HD radio you say? HD headphones? Well I say bullshit.

     Allow me to explain using as few words as possible.

     There are certain terms that describe quality of sound and moving picture. Distortion, aspect ratio, signal-to-noise ratio, etc. Smart individuals know them, and use them properly in the right situations. Dumb fucks who cannot count to 50, on the other hand, don’t know shit.

     A brief overview of two technical terms important for this reading: high fidelity and high definition.

     High Fidelity, or Hi-Fi
     This terms addresses quality of audio equipment: microphones, speakers, cables, players. Fidelity deals with the frequency range of sound (lowest possible to highest possible), distortion os sound (accuracy of its recording/reproduction) and bit and sample rate of digital audio. Fidelity also refers to other sound-related things, but those are not important here.

     High Definition, or HD

     Definition, whether high or low, refers to the amount of pixels used to make an frame of a digital video file. There are several industry standards of definition:
are considered low to standard definition.

is considered high definition.

     If you can comprehend English, and do not need glasses (or have them on), by now you should understand and fidelity deals with SOUND, while definition with VIDEO.

     If so, then why the FUCK are people using HD to describe audio? HD radio?? HD Headphones??? What is this bullshit?!

     The reasons for this trend is either because the world’s population is getting dumber, or idiots being granted a voice. No one who knows about audio and video will use the term “high definition” everywhere it does not belong. And yet a lot of people do. Because a lot of people are fucking stupid.

     And the worst thing? The industry EMBRACED this stupidity, and started to cater to idiots, because those idiots are not a large portion of the consumer base. That is why we have HD radios, HD headphones, and HD audio in general.  THE TERM IS HI-FI! THE WORD IS HIGH FIDELITY!! FUCKING DUMB FUCKS!!! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     So, yes. Stop being retarded, and use proper terms.

     What’s that? I cannot tell you what to do? I am not your dad?

     Well, that’s just another place where you’re wrong. I do, in fact have a time machine. I went into the past, and fucked your mom. So yes, I AM your dad. Not stop being such an uneducated retard!

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