Thursday, April 17, 2014

SIlent Hill for Pretentious Smartasses Part 1 (introduction).

     You may or may not heard of Silent Hill. You may not know what it is, but you probably heard it is a thing that exists. You may know it's a game franchise and two movies based on such.

     Let's get the enormous elephant out of way: first 4 games are good, everything else is shit.


     There is much to talk about when discussing Silent Hill games (that aren't shit) (see above). But the most hotly debated topic is the nature of the games' story itself. Is it real, or all IN TEH MAYNDZ OF THE PROTAHGONEESTS???

     Well, when it comes to this debate I side with the folks behind Twin Perfect. If you consider yourself a HARDCOOOORE FAN and never heard of Twin Perfect and their shenanigans, you fucking lie.

     However, these posts (the title does say part one) will not be about proving what was already proven better by more passionate and knowledgeable people than me. Rather, they will deal with the people who prefer the "psychological" explanation of the events of Silent Hill(s). I will be listing the most likely reasons they prefer this explanation.

     So, if you are one of these people, prepare to be OFFENDED on the INTERNET!

     To be continued.................

Friday, April 11, 2014

I hate the Di$ney Corporation.

     I love Lilo & Stitch. It's my favorite Disney movie. Of all the ones the company pushed out, this one addressed the overplayed theme of family the best. Extended family over biological one, and no one gets left behind. Perfect. Simply perfect. Nothing is going to ruin this gem of a movie. Not even an unnecessary sequel with a cheesy moral that is fucking stupid. Not even a pok√©mon-wannabe unnecessary TV show. Not even ANOTHER TV show where Stitch gets mad at Lilo because of some misunderstanding bullshit and leaves his Ohana orever and goes to Japa... FUCK DISNEY!

     I heard many good things about Peter Pan & The Pirates. I watched some clips online and got intrigued. Must have been quite a show if people still talk about it. Wonder if I can watch it somehow... hmmm, what is this? The show cannot be released? I wonder why. Apparently, Disney owns the rights now, and does not want the general public to pay money for anything aside from their "official" animated clas... FUCK DISNEY!

     I liked Disney Afternoon shows. Hell, I still like a good chunk of them. When a deal was signed with Boom! Studios in 2010 to produce NEW COMICS that will be a continuation of Darkwing Duck I could not be happier. But I got happier still, because the creative team did an amazing job keeping both the tone, and quality of the original, while making it awesome in its own way. And what's that? A RESCUE RANGERS comic??? Wow! That is awesome! The first 4-issue arc was great! What about the next one? Also great! Hey, have they got any more co... what's that? Contract expired? No more Rescue Rangers? And no Tale Spin comic? And all because Disney does not really care for anything other its "animated cla... FUCK DISNEY!

     You know, I've been thinking. It seems The Di$ney Corporation is mostly busy with only a few things: raising awareness of its theatrical animated films amongst the world's population, and milking those as much as possible, with shitty sequels, shitty spin offs, and unnecessary re-re-re-releases (just how many times do you need to release a movie on Blu-Ray?). This corporation is NOT concerned with leaving the good movies alone. It does NOT respect art, or artists responsible for its actual creation. It is NOT concerned for the feelings of people those movies touched. Only promoting the "classics", pushing their fucking princess shit, and latching onto the latest thing to be hip and trendy, like CGI and 3D.

     Occasionally, Di$ney hires talented people to do art for them. Occasionally, some creative freedom is allowed for them. Occasionally, a good thing is made. If it is family friendly enough, Di$ney will market the shit out of it, not really honoring anyone who worked on it (whatever it is). When was the last time you seen a Disny movie cover/poster, where the name of the director/writer was higher or bigger than the Disney logo?

     That's what I thought.

     Fuck Disney. They are a shit company that occasionally allows talented people do good things. Fuck Disney.

     I hate them.