Friday, January 2, 2015

If it's not a hit, it's shit!

     All too often have I been witness to the following: people favoring a performer's hits over all the other songs. And why? Because "the hits are catchy".

     What a deceptively simple excuse.

     When you stepped on a cow turd at the tender age of 4, do you remember that? Sure you do, because it's poop, and it was huge!

     But do you remember that book you tried to read at the age of 8, that one that's actually really good? Nah, "it didn't grab me in the first 10 seconds so I closed it".

     What I am getting at here, is that sometimes you need to give it some time. Maybe, after 10 seconds, or 10 minutes of patience, that boring book from your childhood will turn out to be the greatest thing you ever read, and memories of reading it will eclipse the cow poop one.

     With music, it is exactly the same as with any other type of experience. Just because something grabs your attention, does not mean there is more the be found.

     But what is my point??

     My point is: stop listening to radio hits and Top 50s exclusively. Give the other songs by your favorite performers a listen; you just might find something greater.