Sunday, May 25, 2014

Donuts, Cookies and Pies.

     It has bothered me for a while. In most circles of He. . . INTERNET, people obsess over cookies, sandwiches, pies, and similar things. Similar in which way, you might ask?

     Well, here's an experiment. Let's list most of the food items people online go gaga over:


     So, what is similar? Well, it's all bread, of course! All those 12 year olds who like to make "funny" YouTube comments, they all like their bread products. The lowest common denominator is obsessed with bread. Which makes sense, since most lazy people with no concern for their health are sick and obese. And probably smell bad.

     Well, there you have it! Cookies and sandwiches of the INTERNET, you are worshipped by a cult of dumbasses. Time to commit breaduicide!

     I just coined "breaduicide". I'm so proud of myself :|

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