Monday, August 18, 2014

Dear Disney fans...

     I cannot hold it back anymore.

     I need to let it go.

     Disney fans are akin to a herd of blindfolded sheep. They will gobble up anything that corporation puts up. They will claim that Disney products have something "magical" (whatever that means) inside them. They will buy all the merchandise, despite it being made in China. They will defend poorly written Disney movies, while overlooking better ones not released by Disney. They will watch every single video on YouTube even tangentially related to Frozen. That movie is mediocre visually, and has generally poor writing. It's not terrible, but it does not deserve millions of views. FOR FUCK'S SAKE, THE ILLUSIONIST IS A MILES BETTER ANIMATED MOVIE, AND IT IS NOT GETTING EVEN A QUARTER OF THOSE VIEWS!

     Dear Disney fans. When will you stop supporting a corporation what holds back the animation medium? When will you stop backing up a corporation that mass produces generic family CRAP?

     Dear Disney fans.

     When will you take off the blindfold?

     When will you start being critical of the movies you watch?

     I know that it is a big scary world out there. It's scary, big, and unpredictable. Watching sub-par Disney movies helps you forget the horrors of reality. It helps create that sweet illusion that life is simple and always nice.

     Dear Disney fans.

     It is time to grow up. It is time to wise up. It is time to stop letting soulless corporations tell you what the world is like. It is time to stop others from thinking for you.

     It is time to look for better alternatives.

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