Monday, August 12, 2013

In my OPINION, Satydray is AWESOME.

   In the early 80, a one-of-a-kind novel was published by an English professor and poet Steven Bauer, entitled Satyrday. Called a 'fable' on the cover, it is an interesting mix of traditional fairytale and short fantasy. What is most interesting about it, in my OPINION, is that is puts feeling before logic. Sure, there is plot, and there are characters, but the atmosphere is king.

   As many /co/mrades should know, Don Bluth loved the novel so much, he decided to make an animated adaptation. But that fell flat when Steven Spielberg asked the man to direct that mouse movie instead.

   Two paragraphs in, and I still haven't explained what the **** is it about. So, what is it about? Well, I could have made a summary here, but I would rather link to the TV Tropes entry I made:

   After all, it deserves more views, and it is the best summary I could ever come up with.

   Several pieces of concept art by Mr. Bluth survive to this day, and one might find them online, if you ask in the right places *hint hint, nudge nudge*


   The main point of this article is to tell you, readers, that I am going to save this wonderful novel from the Out of Print Hell. I will pull it out of obscurity by printing the entire book in moderate parts on this very blog, starting with the next post. If Steven Bauer contacts me and asks for the chapters to be pulled down, I will gladly oblige, but if that doesn't happen... look forward to Satyrday: a Fable!

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