Wednesday, July 24, 2013


   So, there I was, planing on doing a deep, psychological, philosophical, buzzword article about the biggest reasons why so much of the INTERNET is populated with pussies who are OFFENDED by you simply saying "hi". But today I figured out the biggest one. Or, at least I think I did.

  I present to you:

       The Biggest Reason So Many Oeople Are OFFENDED on the INTERNET: a Short Article.

   The biggest reason is wanting attention. They want to be comforted by a white knight in shining adamantium armor, who will rush to their rescue, and defend them from all the nasty trolls! Or someone. Anyone, really...... PAY ATTENTION TO ME!~!

   And we should not judge those people for being attention whores. We should not laugh at them... too much. In fact,... we should feel sorry for them.

   The reason for so many OFFENDED individuals out there is a simple lack of love. Now, imagine yourself in a situation, where your family doesn't really love you, pays little attention to you, and almost never sees you for being too busy with work, or some shit. That lack of necessary attention from the people you put so many hopes into results in you growing up with low self-esteem. That, in turn, prevents you from approaching other people for support, because you feel you don't deserve their time. You grow up resentful of real human contact.

   In the end, you end up alone, in front of a computer screen, too scared to look for attention IRL (cause other people are scary, wooooo!). You go to some place online, and start a tantrum about SOMEONE BEING INSENSITIVE TO YOUR FEELINGS! You then wait for some e-help, some e-assurance, e-support, e-attention.

   This is no laughing matter; as a matter of fact, this is really sad shit.

   But what should we do about this? Well, if you know someone who is afraid of people, don't just leave them be like it's not your business. Talk to them, befriend them. Do something good for a change! And if you have a fear of people yourself, unless you life in the worst ghetto on the planet, get over yourself, get out there, and talk to someone. It does not matter if you have nothing "interesting" to say; just tell them you are lonely. You don't have to look all sad while doing so; just straight up say "Hey, I'm kind of lonely/bored. Could we talk about something?" It's that easy. And even if you end up talking to a jerk, try someone else. Eventually you will run into someone nice.

   If only we could just be nicer to each other... Then maybe one day there will be less attention whores on the INTERNET, and we will start seeing the word OFFENDED used less often.

   Just kidding!

   Cause being nice is fuking ghey!

   Are you OFFENDED?

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