Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's 2014, and I am going to talk about love!

     For the sake of simplicity, not romantic love.

     For many years, many people tried to pinpoint love. What is it? What defines it? What definition should it have? Well, I have come to my own conclusion, after much meditation and obtaining the needed amount of wisdom.

     Love is a complex dish, with several key ingredients. Understanding those ingredients will help anyone identify love when it's looking you in the face, or build love where there was none.

     1. Care. You do not want harm to come to that person. You want to protect them. You want to prevent their destruction. You are concerned about their well-being. Care applies to things too.

     2. Respect. That person is just as important as you. They too can be as smart, strong, skillful, successful, wise as you. Do not hold them too close, and do NOT treat them as a helpless baby. This is something mothers (and some fathers) find very hard to grasp. Do not talk down to those who you claim to respect.

     3. Trust. Sure, we all can lie, but you must trust that the person is capable of being honest with you. Do not assume everything you hear from them is a lie; that;s paranoia. Respect can help build-up trust.

     4. Discipline. A close cousin of respect. If your friend is being an asshole, a smack on the head is not a sign of no care. On the contrary, it is a form of care. Bad behavior is harm. You don't want your son to take drugs or join gangs. Caring for someone can include being harsh. Discipline is a close friend of respect.

     5. Being fair. That person is... well, a person; a human being. Humans are flawed, you are flawed. Humans have bad habits, and so do you. You know you do, don't deny it. Don't tell them to stop smoking, when you spend your free time fapping to God knows what. You get the idea. Being fair is a cousin of trust.

     6. There might be other ingredients which I couldn't put my finger on, but they are minor. The first fire are the most important to learn and understand.

     IMPORTANT! Worship is more close to obsession than love. The relation between love and worship is akin to the relation between a kitchen knife and a katana. Both can be used to kill, but the first is designed for a different purpose.

P.S. Apparently, love is not quantifiable.

     Well, this is pretty much it! The final part of the first chapter of Satyrday is coming soon.

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