Friday, July 5, 2013

The generation of pussies.

   Let's just say somebody is physically threatening you... bullies you, basically. What do you do? You defend yourself, and, if needed, counterattack. You kick their ass to the point that they lose all their desire to fuck with you.

   Just kidding! You cry like a baby and go tell someone powerful.


   Because we are now a generation of pussies.

   Apparently, violence is apparently inherently bad, even if you use it in self-defense. And that is fucking retarded. Here is why:

   Scenario 1: let's assume you have religious reasons. Your god of choice punishes those who stand up for themselves, because "turn the other cheek" and all that kind of bullshit. What does that mean? That mean your god is a bully. Congratulations on the choice of a retarded god! But if God created the world, would he/she/it want to see his/hers/its precious creations being damaged and destroyed? No! That means when you are preserving yourself, you are fulfilling your god's wishes. Either you are being a bad God's servant, or your religion was invented by someone with terrible logic and split personality disorder (and should be dropped immediately). A loving god would never want his/her/its creation to suffer.

   Scenario 2: you are a Richard Dawkins level atheist. There is no God, and there is no Hell. You are not punished for violence, and as (the Jesus of atheists) Charles Darwin pointed out, it's survival of the fittest, baby! So, why aren't you not standing up for yourself? Clearly, because you are insane.

   Scenario 3: you believe that aggression is inherently bad and letting it into ur <3 will destroy your soul or some shit. That is a textbook definition of close-mindedness. It is just as if to say all british men wear top hats or that all canadians play hockey. Start thinking outside the box, you simple-minded twit!

   Scenario 4: you honestly believe it is possible to build a Heaven on Earth by completely eradicating violence. You think it can be done through education. You think it could be done via your heroic positive example by letting yourself get kicked around. Well, let me bring the bad news: all God's creatures have a dark side. There is evil in the world. Violence (the bad kind) is a part of human nature. It is inherent. It cannot be eradicated just as you cannot stop destruction and death. Just as you cannot cure all diseases. Just as you cannot completely get rid of poverty. There is bad shit in the world. Do you really believe that by letting yourself get bullied you are sending some sort of positive example, and your oppressors will have a big change of heart, Di$ney style? Well, keep on believing! Dumbass.

   Conclusion: if you think there are good reasons why people should not stand up for themselves when oppressed, you are definitely brainwashed. Or just insane.

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