Tuesday, July 2, 2013


   Good day/morning/evening/night/whatever time of day you may be having.

   Welcome to my (under construction) blog!

   For a while now, as I was studying cultural anthropology, my head had been overflowing with ideas too odd and controversial to put in an academic paper. "Where to put them?", I thought... And then the answer came to me: on the INTERNET, of course! 

   And so, after months of thinking about making a blog, I finally actually did it.

   This will be more or less a personal diary or sorts, to dump all the ideas that have been troubling me lately (only without all the unnecessary stuff about personal life... after all, who needs to read about that??). I will not write what serious people in expensive suits (or white coats) with PHD's would find adequate; NO, I will be writing whatever I feel like, so no reference links will be used.

   Here you will read about my OPINIONS on society, politics, culture, subcultures, animals, people, science, religion, mind, body, universe, multiverse, INTERNET, economy, as well as bits of wisdom I managed to accumulate during my not very long life.

   Actual articles will come soon. For now, you can re-read the introduction one hundred times. Or not; the choice is yours.

P.S. I am not allowing comments on this blog. Not because I am afraid of OPINIONS, but because I do not want to argue on the INTERNET more than I do already. If you think an article of mine has something going for it, discuss it with other people, preferably in real life. If you think this place is full of shit, then just ignore it. Because remember: I do not have the power to affect your life.

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